The Shop at Little Spoons Design

10 x 10

Vicki Latimer RoanComment

night before the Signature Mix Marketplace debut of the Shop as part of the National Stationery Show.  10 x 10 is the size of the booth we got and it is a nice size.  not too big, not too small and yet I am still bringing things in to place here and there.  We didn't want to construct walls even though it does make for a lovely display. It just seems a waste.  But as I stare at the ugly white curtains a part of me wishes we sprung for the walls!  On the flip side everything in the booth will be used in some way afterwards or recycled if needed. I even went for faux fleurs! Something I never thought I would do.  As much as I love fresh flowers it is again a bit wasteful (in this instance) and this way my daughter (who has already laid claim to the pink ones) can use them after for dress up and in her room. my son wants the peg board for his lego collection.  perfect.

come visit if you are in town May 18-21st at the Javits Center, NYC.  enter on 35th street / 11th avenue. go towards the Gift-it section at left / we are booth 1109!  cinnamon sugar cookies await!