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a week away and what that means

Vicki Latimer RoanComment

my family and I usually do the "staycation" this time of year...a terrible word invented for those who cannot get away but put on a brave face as if to say we are still on vacation even if we are here!  well guess what?  you aren't . And I can say this because up until this February we stayed put due to work or budget or just plain disorganization! and while there can be "warm" moments of togetherness there is mostly the race to figure out what's next while everyone else is with you too.  we honestly did not realize how important it was to truly disengage with schedules and stress which is almost impossible when at home even if technically on vacation!

this year was different.  we decided (a bit late but with conviction) to go somewhere warm! and I will say it was the best vacation we have had. and with kids!  ha.  At first I wondered how I would document it. I now was fully invested in social media (well not quite but...) and was told that to keep your "audience" engaged and "liking" you, one must post every day if not twice a day. well...that is a bit silly if you really think about it don't you think?  when staring at the beautiful blue green ocean must we stop to document it?  can't we simply enjoy it and talk about it later when we really need to remember it?  I decided that yes that was the case.

so here now is a small sampling of pictures (simply click through) I did manage to take that inspired me (there's that word again!) with the colors and textures that make Mexico so unique and beautiful. it made me engage in nature, the sounds and smells that we forget about when we are so concerned with posting the perfect picture. the joy of feeling the sand in your toes without snapping a picture is beyond measure.