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Plus One and beyond

Vicki Latimer RoanComment
the wristlet in plus one (also available in rose gold / pale pink! I know!)

the wristlet in plus one (also available in rose gold / pale pink! I know!)

The Plus One pattern evolved from the use of symbols and what they mean and perhaps as a way to simplify the mass of emojis we see every day? It was a way to celebrate your "plus one" which I remember first seeing on a wedding invitation years ago when I actually did not have a "one" to invite! But appreciated being included (even if it caused panic at first)!  Since then I have come to almost take for granted that now my plus one includes a husband and 2 kids. And that I am never really judged for that. So many people are struggling with their own identities as what it means to be a gender or in between, not to mention not being allowed to marry or have families because of who they are or what they believe. 

With the state of our country post election I felt that now more than ever it is important to make all feel welcome and safe whomever they choose to be their Plus One!  Let's celebrate the diversity of our country and beyond. While this pattern was not originally a part of my pattern for good program, I cannot stay silent and allow the hard work of so many slip away. A portion of the proceeds from the Plus One pattern (includes the wristlet shown above as well as the Lady Mini Vino here!) will go to the ACLU and Human Rights Campaign. Be proud of who you are and who you champion! 

photo by jocelyn lee studio