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inspiration in plastic?

Vicki Latimer RoanComment
a few pics from our trip to Sayulita that "inspired" and also made me think more about plastic in our oceans!

it's that time of year.

spring break and other getaways have spawned hundreds of dreamy landscapes of sun and fun. when we arrived at our jungle hideout overlooking the ocean we were in love. it's as if they carved the bits out of the mountain while leaving much of the foliage in tact. of course I know it isn't true but so much care is taken to bring the outside in that it feels like you are meant to be there. there are notes about respecting the wildlife especially during turtle and crab season and to be sure it is not a place to go if you fear any kind of lizard as there are many large and small that might be napping nearby. on the other hand, there is so much plastic use and so close to the ocean (where much of it ends up) it is baffling. I know the drinking water is an issue and has been. but it was the multitude of unnecessary straws that really got me thinking why? why in a country that so clearly cares about it's flora and fauna would they so wantonly use straws on every drink served especially when not a "to-go"?  upon arrival we were given a drink in a plastic cup with a straw (ok that sorta made sense as we were walking a bit precariously on the winding paths but I would have gladly waited!) and in the mornings smoothies came with a straw.  in the evening any cocktail, even in beautiful handblown glass, had a straw!  

ok I know this was supposed to be about texture and color and inspiration!!  and it is to some extent. the images above truly did inspire and bring peace to my mind as well as spark ideas for future patterns.  but it also got me to think of something larger. beyond the inspiration is the consequences of those straws and the multitude of plastic bottles used every hour of every day. so much of it is habit. and a bit of malaise on the part of travelers to say "no" and use refillable bottles. so I am asking you, dear reader, on your next trip abroad or to your fave local spot.  just say a simple "no, thanks, I don't need a straw!"  every little bit counts. working on the larger bits too. we all have to take part in this!

PS :: have you played "spoons" lately? highly recommend revisiting this simple yet fun card game! yes I know I am partial to "little spoons" and yes we brought those 3 pictured above with us on our trip but don't judge!  try it!  you'll thank me!  xo